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Avedis Zildjian I

The birth of the Family Name

Avedis Zildjian I - Zildjian Family HistoryAvedis I, an Armenian alchemist living in Constantinople, discovers a secret process for treating alloys and applies it to the art of making cymbals of extraordinary clarity and sustain. Although Central Asia Minor (Anatolia) has a long history of cymbal making dating back to 1200 B.C., Avedis' cymbals are far more musical and powerful in their projection.

The sultan's famed Janissary bands are quick to adopt Avedis' cymbals for daily calls to prayer, religious feasts, royal weddings and the Ottoman army. Sultan Osman II acknowledges Avedis to be the founder of the craft of Turkish cymbal making. In appreciation, the Sultan gives Avedis 80 gold pieces and the family name 'Zildjian,' which means 'cymbal smith' in Armenian (Zil is Turkish for 'cymbal,' dj means 'maker' and ian is the Armenian suffix meaning 'son of.'

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