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Avedis Zildjian II

Cymbal maker from 1851-1865

Avedis Zildjian II - Zildjian Family HistoryPrior to 1851, the Zildjian Family's cymbals were simply known as "Turkish Cymbals." Avedis Zildjian II was the first in the family to manufacture the cymbals bearing the family name.

During that year, Avedis Zildjian II built a 25-foot schooner and sailed it from Constantinople to Marseilles and then on to London, where he displayed his cymbals at World Trade Fair. At the fairs of Paris and London in 1851, and again in London in 1862, cymbals bearing the name Avedis Zildjian won all prizes and awards for excellence. In 1865, Kerope Zildjian succeeded Avedis II and maintained the family's tradition.

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