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Kerope Zildjian

President from 1865 to 1909

Kerope Zildjian - Zildjian Family HistoryDuring the late 1800's, Kerope was recognized throughout Europe and beyond as one of the most accomplished craftsman of the Zildjian family. His 'K Zildjian' cymbals surpassed all others in terms of resonance, thinness (always difficult to create) and durability.

Initially, Kerope was second in the line of succession. But, in 1865, Kerope inherited the firm from his brother, Avedis II. He ran the business for 44 years, until his death in 1909. By traveling to exhibitions in Europe's major centers of culture and trade, Kerope enhanced the family's reputation, winning ten decorations and medals, and many certificates of commendation.

Certainly, Kerope could not have imagined that his grandnephew, Avedis III, would someday bring the family's cymbal tradition to America where it would flourish like never before.

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