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Aditya Ashok
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: The Colour Compound / OX7GEN
  • Country: India

Bagging the ‘Best Drummer’ Award at every State and National competition, it’s safe to say that this young talent has certainly been working his way into the music industry in a short span. Self-taught at the Percussion, his strengths lie at being an Alternative drummer.

Learning to play the conga at an early age certainly laid the foundation for a strong sense of rhythm, which became his biggest strength as a self-taught drummer.

Aditya is a versatile musician on and off stage. Composing, arranging and  collaborating for independent projects are also part of his forte. He has toured around the country extensively with acts such as Rosemary, The Colour Compound, Sha’air & Func and Mikey McCleary’s: The Bartender as well as played in various tribute concerts & most recently has started producing and playing liquid drum n bass in clubs & festivals across the country under the moniker ‘OX7GEN’.

His rhythmic repertoire includes genres ranging from Country to Pop-Rock, Blues to Heavy Metal and Drum & Bass. He has to his credit, The Jack Daniel’s Rock Award and The TOTO Award for Music amongst other college level accolades.

CYMBAL SETUP: (Left to Right)
14” A Custom Projection Hi Hats
14” Avedis Fast Crash / 14” Avedis Thin Crash
20” A Custom Sizzle Ride
17” A Custom Medium Crash

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