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Charly Alberti
Charly Alberti
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Soda Stereo / Mole
  • Birthday: March 27
  • Country: Argentina

Charly Alberti is an Argentine musician, better known as the drummer of the rock band Soda Stereo.

In 1982 along with Gustavo Cerati and Zeta Bosio formed Soda Stereo and went on to record over a dozen records until the group broke up in 1997. Soda Stereo played their last show, in front of 75,000 people at the Estadio Monumental (or River Plate Stadium) in Buenos Aires.

After that, he went on to form Plum. The band recorded one album but never played it live because they disbanded right after the release of the record. Later, Charly was involved in running his company Cybrel Digital Entertainment aimed at generating and implementing content based technologies.

In 1998, he launched URL Magazine about pop culture and technology and also URL Records a record label aiming at supporting and promoting new musicians and artists along with the online music portal Yeyeye.

In 2007 he worked on a project called MOLE and a Soda Stereo reunion/farewell tour. Soda Stereo announced a tour named "Me Verás Volver", which would start on October 19 2007 at the River Plate stadium, where their last live performance took place ten years before. They will play 5 shows at the stadium for over 300,000 people. The tour will run until the end of 2008 visiting many countries including two shows in America, Los Angeles and Miami. They will travel to Lima, Peru to perform their last concert.

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