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Horacio Ardiles
Horacio Ardiles
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Espiritu / Independent
  • Country: Argentina

Horacio Ardiles began playing drums at the age of ten. After passing through various formations, he took classes with Horacio Gianello and Polo Corbella, former drummer and co-founder of "Los Rancheros". With this band he recorded 7 albums (1990/2000), toured inside the country filling up theaters and stadiums, then repeated success abroad, in countries such as Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and the U.S., where the band released its albums.

Already being enshrined in Argentina, “Los Rancheros” shared the stage in two memorable concerts at the stadium of Velez Sarsfield with James Taylor and Sting, in front of 60.000 excited souls.

Songs like "El Che y los Rolling Stones", "Mujer", "Sin Solucion", "Casualidad", "Sera", among others, are now classic songs in Argentina and Latin America. After 10 years of recording, and having sold over half a million albums, the members of the band decided to break up in 2000.
After Los Rancheros’s broke up, he took time off and in 2001 met guitar player, writer and composer Osvaldo Favrot, co-founder of "Espiritu"; a pioneer band of progressive rock music in Argentina and Latin America.  Horacio joined the new group, and with Espiritu recorded in 2002 "Fronteras Magicas", a new album to mark the group's return to the stage after 20 years. The presentation of the album was performed at the Teatro ND Ateneo in 2003, and "Fronteras Magicas" achieved excellent reviews in its editions in France, Netherlands, Spain and Japan. During 2004 the band performed a series of concerts, from which came the new CD "Espiritu en vivo - 2004".

In 2005 he integrated "Yanimer"; with this band and recorded the album "Antes del sol" with the support of Warner Chappell; making the presentation of the new CD to a full house at “El Condado” and then at the “Teatro Santa María”, gigging as well in many places of the Capital and also in Greater Buenos Aires.

In 2009 he received the call of Willy Iturri (GIT) to be the drummer in his solo tour (Ayer / Hoy) across Argentina. Also with Willy he performed at the Theater IFT in Buenos Aires and several concerts inside the country.

Currently he is working on various recording sessions as a musician / producer and as a Drum Doctor for numerous artists. In August 2011, he began a series of clinics / shows around the country called "Play Concert", showing all his experience in studio and live shows. Nevertheless, he finds extra time to make presentations with artists such as: Enginner Alvaro Villagra, (winner of a Grammy for his participation in the CD "Supernatural" by Santana), Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Andrés Calamaro, Javier Calamaro, Willy Iturri (GIT), Hubert Reyes (Peru), Luis Conte (Phill Collins, Madonna), Jimmy Rip (Mick Jagger), Ricky Antequeda, Angel Mahller, Roll Pesado, and many others.
In 2013 he performed concerts with Roll Pesado, who released a CD album and made recordings as well with many artists, while also giving drum clinics throughout the country.

Horacio has been a member of the Zildjian Family of Artists for 17 years.

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