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Alfred Berengena
Alfred Berengena
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: Spain

Alfred Berengena was born into a family of musicians in 1978. At the age of 9 he began playing drums over popular Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal songs of the day.  He stepped onto a stage for the first time at 13 years old and continued playing live sessions and recording with diferent bands of diferent styles. At 15 he  signed with mythical rock band Terratremol, from the Cathalan rock scene that saw him as a future promise. At 17, after sessions with diferent extreme metal bands, he decided to start his own project under the name of Baalphegor(Brutal Tecnical Death Metal) and recorded a 3 song demo in 1998, turning the Spanish extreme scene on its head. The specialized press made note of the fact that for the first time, an extreme spanish band had a drummer that has nothing to envy any of the top drummers on the international scene.

In 2001 the band recorded their first LPThe End of Descent, inmediately receiving rave reviews and naming the band as one of the revelations of that year. During the following years, Alfred and Baalphegor shared a stage with some of the tops names on the scene,like Cryptopsy ,Vader, Dying Fetus, Sufocation,Yattering and many more. The band also played at open air festivals; Steel Warriors Rebellion in Portugal, alongside Pungent Stenchor at the mythical Mountains of Death in Switzerland. During this same period, and after a year's preparation, Alfred was accepted into CNR, the jazz and modern music conservatory in Perpignan, France. There he spent 2 years studying jazz and modern music with Andre Mallau and Serge Lazarevitch, receiving the gold medal in both categories in the "Spécialisé du Batterie". In 2005, he began recording with the Brutal Technical Death Metal band from Galicia Scent of Death on their debut album Wooven in the Book of Hate (Bloody Records).

Shortly after he releases his first book Essential Double Bass Drumming(Dinsic, edicions musicals), considered the finest method of bass drumming based on extreme metal.

Soon after he signed an endorsement deal for Santa Feand does a series of clinics for them. Soon After, he also signed an endorsement deal with Zildjian.

His bass drum method has such an impact that he has to continually stay on the road with more clinics and masterclasses wide and far in many international music schools, including the world famous Drum Tech in London, where you would find such names as Dave Weckl, Jojo Mayer, Horacio Hernandez, Billy Cobham, Adrian Erlandsson or Chad Smith.

From there we find Alfred appearing in the now sadly missing Half Man Half Machine online portal, ranking alongside the best drummers of the scene, from bands like Nile, Nechrophagist, Cannibal Corpse and Meshuggah. That same year he wass invited to the International Drumming Festival, featuring alongside household names like Dom Famularo (world drumming ambassador who has played with the likes of Madonna and B.B.King), Mike Terrana or Nicko McBrain. Come 2006 and Alfred signed endorsement deals with Axis percussion and DB drumshoes, specialized footwear for drummers.

To start off 2007 Alfred records for Mistweaver the drum parts for their LP Tales from the Grave, recorded in the Angered Studios of Sweden by none other than Andy Larocque (King Diamond, Death). During may of the same year Alfreds first DVD is realeased, highlighting his clinic and methods frrom his visit to Segorde, Castellón (Spain).

In July of this same year he recorded his first record with Profundis Tenebrarum (Old School Death Metal).  The LP is named Phatogenesis, and was re-edited in 2009 by the Scottish label CDG Records due to popular demand.

In October 2007 he recorded the album The Quietus for Mexican Death Metallers Meltdown in Sadman Studios in Madrid, touring simultaneously with Meltdown and Profundis Tenebrarum during 2009,

Alfred signed with DW Drums and recorded the album "Down of Knowledge for Nebulah" (Brutal Death/Black Metal). In August of the same year he recorded with both Dissaster in Track6 (Logroño, Spain) and gothic rockers Olvido in the Grammy award winning Musiclan Studios of Figueres (Spain). Olvido's debut album Neurosis de Destino was then mastered in Sweden's famous Fredman Studioby Fredrik Nordström, mastermind behind the Gotheborg sound.

In October 2009, he attended the drum festival GROOVE MEETING XPRESS in Valencia with Benny Greb, Xavi Reija and Jeff Jerolamon, and the next day attended GROOVE MEETING (Madrid) With Benny Greb, Xavi Reija, Juan Carlos Aizpún and Toni Mateos. 

In November 2009 Alfred was the sole spanish drummer invited to the TAM TAM Drum Fest 2009 hosted in Seville, sharing the stage with some of the big names in drumming; Cindy Blackman (Lenny Kravitz), Raul Rekow and Kart Perazzo (Santana), Mike Terrana (Rage), Dafnis Prieto (Michel Camilo, Steve Coleman, Chucho Valdes) and Morgan Agren (Frank Zappa, Mats and Morgan).

In December 2009 Alfred recorded for Kyke Serrano (Jarabe de palo) alongside some of the finest spanish musicians of the moment: David Palau (Miguel Bosé, Alejandro Sanz, Ana Tarroja, David Bisbal), David Simó (Serrat, David Bisbal), Marc Quintilla (Dyango, Tamara), Jordi Portaz (Lluis Llach) and Jordi Armengol (Lluis Llach, Manolo García).  In January 2010 he recorded for Malleficarum (Old School Death Metal) in Real sound Studios,Parma (Italy), with mastering duties for the sessions going to Mika Jussila in Finlands Finnvox Studio.

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