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Amaury Blanchard
Amaury Blanchard
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Gerald De Palmas, Elsa
  • Country: France

Like many drummers, Amaury Blanchard started his career in small bands. He took 4 years of classes at the Agostini Music School with Emmanuel Boursault. His career really took off with the band called Odeurs. In 1981, he started playing with Renaud with whom he spent 17 years. He also played with Jacques Higelin, Mauranne and Jeanne Mas. He is also the drummer of La salsa du demon with the Orchertre du Splendid. In 2000, he recorded the album Dehors with Mano Solo as well as recording with Patricia Kaas and Paul Personne. Also involved in Cinema, he worked on the soundtrack of Luc Bessons films such as Le dernier combat and Subway. Today, he is the drummer of Gerald de Palmas. He contributed to his last two albums as well as his tours.

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