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Andy Burrows
Andy Burrows
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Razorlight
  • Country: United Kingdom

Andy Burrows' releases his album, The Colour of My Dreams, on 26 May 2008. The album, the Razorlight drummer's solo debut, will be released with the aim of raising funds and awareness to a Winchester children's home, Naomi House, and their Jack's Place appeal.

The Colour of My Dreams was written and recorded at home by Andy, and was conceived during a break in Razorlight activity when the drummer stumbled across a book of poems by an old family friend and began setting them to music.

Andy Burrows will be joined by a number of musical friends to perform songs from The Colour of My Dreams.

While ruminating on what to do with his accidental album, Andy was contacted by Naomi House, a Winchester based hospice for terminally ill children and asked to become an ambassador for their charity. Visits to the hospice and music workshops with the kids lead to the charity asking if there was anything Andy could do to help raise the organization's profile. He realized that the ideal way would be to link his mini-record with Naomi house, drawing attention to the charity and helping the process of normalizing the perception of the children.

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