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Carter Beauford
Carter Beauford
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  • Band/Affiliation: Dave Matthews Band
  • Country: United States

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Carter Beauford is one of the most influential drummers in popular music. As the drummer for the multi-platinum Dave Matthews Band, his tasteful, creative playing lends itself to Dave Matthews' unique sound. Carter's inventive playing on songs like "Ants Marching" demonstrates his ability to fuse funky, syncopated grooves, with fusion style chops, while still keeping the emphasis on making the song "feel" good. He would be equally as comfortable driving a fusion band as he is driving DMB. His drumming is an inspiration to players of all styles, and is recognized as a key part of the ongoing success of the Dave Matthews Band.

Since the release of "Before These Crowded Streets," Beauford has shown up on albums by Carlos Santana, Blues Traveler's John Popper, Victor Wooten of Bela Fleck's Flecktones and Robin Andre (AKA Boy Wonder). "Outside work keeps the creativity flowing for me," Beauford says. "I feel it's important to get in there and try to tackle someone else's music and play a little differently, and then bring it back to the band."

"My cymbals have voices that reflect the unique musical influences that make up this band. To me, my A's and Z's represent a rock influence; I use them when I'm jamming around Dave's and Stefan's riffs. When Boyd is doing his bluegrass-Cajun thing, I like to lay into my A Customs. And when Leroi is doing his 'Coltrane,' the K's do it for me."

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