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David Bao
David Bao
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: Spain

"Since I was a child I loved the Zildjian Sound and I still remember the first time I listened to it: no words can explain. Also, and very grateful for it, I have always had drums in my home as my father (Anye Bao) is a top professional drummer in Spain. So, since the beginning I had the opportunity to use and play Zildjian...Why not play other brand? Easy...I and my style have never been attracted by any other brand."

PLANS for the Year:

I am playing with the following artists/bands

- MANUEL CARRASCO - (Pop Music) - Important Spanish Artist with about 70 performances a year.

- LIN CORTES (Flamenco Artist)

- MARIA TOLEDO (Flamenco Artist)

- VIOLENT GROOVY (Metal/Hardcore)


I have always used A Custom Series and every cymbal is good for me. One of them specially? EFX 18" AC of course!!! But I have to say, and thanks to my father, I am feeling a deep attraction for the K series l!!!

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