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Lucius Borich
Lucius Borich
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Cog
  • Country: Australia

Lucius Borich has been playing music since the tender age of 3. He was given his first drum kit by two of Australia's best known drummers from the 70s, Keith Barber and Johnny Dick. His father, Kevin Borich, is one of New Zealand and Australias most respected blues/rock guitarists. His encouragement and involvement in the industry gave Lucius his first experience. Kevin's band at the time was The Party Boys, with guest stars Done Perry (Jethro Tull) and Richard Clapton, who invited 12 year old Lucius to play.

At age 14 he was given the opportunity to perform and tour around Australia with the Kevin Borich Express for a year. Shortly after, Lucius left school and decided to pursue drumming full time. He was then called upon by ex members Mark Evens (AC/DC) and Mick Cox (Rose Tattoo), to join a Rolling Stones cover band, the Rolling Clones. They toured for a year and a half throughout Australia and New Zealand, and for the next three years, Lucius continued to play with other bands. Dirty Tricks, The System Band, Gank, Taya Francis, Ben Butler Fusion Band, Deveaux and ChoBro'(now LA based band Brother) are just a few groups he lent his talents to. The experience led to Lucius adopting a reputation as one of Australias finest and flexible up and coming drummers.

Hailing from Bondi, Sydney, Australia cog consists of members Flynn Gower (lead guitar, lead vocals), Lucius Borich (drums, samples, backing vocals) and Luke Gower (bass guitar and backing vocals), who have been a band since 1998.

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