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Nick Bailey
Nick Bailey
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Extreme Rhythm, Celtic Woman
  • Country: Ireland

Nick Bailey is Frontman and Composer of EXTREME RHYTHM, and one of Europe’s most in-demand percussionists, constantly switching between different genres of music, with his extremely visual style of performance, balanced with a fine sensitivity to the ‘bigger musical picture’, gaining him a reputation as a top session / touring professional.

He spent 5 years touring the world as percussionist with Emmy-nominated act CELTIC WOMAN, and recorded 5 albums, and 3 DVDs with the group in this time, all of which achieved multiplatinum status in several countries, including the USA.

Nick’s performing and recording credits include Riverdance The Show, Kelly Clarkson, The X Factor, Olly Murs, Celtic Woman, Extreme Rhythm, Now Dance Korea, The Celtic Tenors, Charlotte Church, Tommy Fleming, and Stockton’s Wing, TV Shows such as X-Factor and The Voice, and film scores such as “The Water Giant”, and Spike Milligan’s “Puckoon”. 

Recently, Nick was drafted into a creative role for Kelly Clarkson’s performance of her hit, ‘Mr Know It All” on the X-FACTOR UK, and played a key role in the creative development of the performance, which ended up being the X-factor’s biggest ever televised production, with 37 performers onstage, including Nick and his own EXTREME RHYTHM.

Nick uses a huge array of ZILDJIAN cymbals and sounds from across the entire catalogue, and considers each and every one of them vital to his creativity, and ultimately to the sound of whatever band or musical situation he is the driving force behind.

Nick’s unique style of writing for percussion constantly pushes the boundaries, whether reaching out to connect with movement and dance, or creating the huge ‘percussion engine’ which he is known for, taking pop and world music equally, to a new ‘harder and grittier’ level.

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