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Ben Calvert
Ben Calvert
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Killing Joke/Independent
  • Country: United Kingdom

Ever since Benny started his professional drumming career at the age of seventeen, he has been known for his 'high powered energetic' style. Also being known as one of the industries 'true wild men', his favourite quote is from Vex Reds Mainstage performance at Reading Festival: "Special mention must go to Vex Red drummer Ben Calvert who not only performs naked for the entire set but manages to sound like a thousand F-14 Tomcats taking off from your Dads garage." (NME) "Good times" Bennys states...

Killing Joke called him in to replace Dave Grohl at the drum throne to play for their 25th anniversary season, including the 'Live Gathering' DVD at Sheperds Bush Empire in 2005, a week of events that all involved will remember. His powerful style was perfectly suited to the 'tribalistic' rhythms of Killing Jokes music.

Since his time with Killing Joke, Benny has been drumming for (UK Dance Producer Extraordinaire) Calvin Harris. Again, developing his reputation as a solid powerful foundation to Calvins live shows. He remembers: "When I met Calvin I told him that I loved to smash it but if he wanted, I could easily relax and play cool... Calvin just said "no way mate! I hate limp wristed drummers!"... so I knew we'd get on well after that."

Benny says of Zildjian Cymbals: "There's only ever been Zildjian for me. All the guys I looked up to all seemed to use Zildjian. Tina has always been so supportive, even in my earlier days which is important. I feel loyal towards them. I especially love the 'EFX' and the 'Oriental' models. Perfect for the Dance music I've been playing recently."

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