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Ben Carrigan
Ben Carrigan
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: The Thrills
  • Country: Ireland

Ben Carrigan was born in Dublin, Ireland on August 21st, 1979. While growing up in Dublin, Ben took a huge interest in music. He eventually began studying the drums at age 12 under the supervision of Irish jazz drummer ConorGuilfoyle. Conor and other mentors would have a profound effect on Bens musical development and indeed style over the years that followed, turning him on to the likes of Max Roach, Elvin Jones and more contemporary souls such as Jim Black and Tom Rainey of the New York jazz scene.

After leaving school in 1998, Ben went on to study music, by which time he was already a frequent sight on the Irish music scene playing with groups and musicians of varying styles. He was also by this point already close friends with Conor Deasy, Daniel Ryan, Kevin Horan and Padraic McMahon with all of whom he would later go on to form The


It was 1999 which saw Ben and his four soon to be band mates The Thrills relocate to San Diego for the summer months. Inadvertently, they discovered a wealth of native 60s and

70s pop records to which they had, until now, all been relatively unaccustomed. These records ranged from Neil Young to The Band, Elvis Presley to Frank Sinatra etc. and gave Ben the opportunity to discover such drummers as Levon Helm, Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer and Jim

Keltner. These discoveries would pave the way for their California inspired debut record So Much for the City which was written over the cold winter months in Dublin that followed. So Much for the City was recorded in Los Angeles late 2002 and released on Virgin during the summer of 2003.

After an intense year of touring and surfing the success of So Much

For The City, Ben and the band were hesitant to take a break. Some 200 shows over the course of 2003 had served to build up their collective experience for playing

live and this was certainly something of which to take advantage. They had never toured prior to recording their debut. Hence, The Thrills wrote and rehearsed their second record,

Let's Bottle Bohemia, while on tour around Europe and the US and then travelled again to Los Angeles to record during early 2004. Let's Bottle Bohemia was released this past September.

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