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Brad Corrigan
Zildjian Artist Brad Corrigan
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Dispatch, Braddigan
  • Country: United States

Before Dispatch, Brad Corrigan formed two groups during his years at Middlebury College in Vermont; The Woodriver Bandits and Hermit Thrush. The Woodriver Bandits were founded as a project in 1993. Hermit Thrush came along in 1995. The two groups merged together and became One Fell Swoop later known as Dispatch in 1996.

Dispatch was active from 1996 to 2002. Brad Corrigan leads the group on vocals, drums, guitar, percussion and harmonica. Dispatch’s music is drawn upon many genres, such as acoustic folk-rock, reggae and funk. They gained notable recognition throughout New England after college when they relocated to the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. They were signed with Universal Records and released their first album in 1996 called Silent Steeples. Their second album Bang Bang was released in 1998, Four-Day Trials (released in 1999) and Who are We Living For? (released in 2000).

Since their break up in 2002 they have come together to perform a series of reunion concerts. Their first and largest concert ever was in Boston on July 31, 2004, it was set to be a farewell concert to their fans with an estimated 110,000 audience. In 2007 they reunited for three shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City; July 13-15. All of the money raised from ticket sales went directly to charities that are fighting disease, famine and social injustice; the vast majority of the funds went to charities in Zimbabwe, though a portion was allocated to local charities that the band supports in the U.S. All three shows were sold out. Two years later Dispatch played an acoustic show at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. on June 12, 2009 at the request of Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. This was another benefit show for Zimbabwe, and the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe was in attendance. The show sold out within ten minutes of going on sale. Currently the band is on tour again. They announced early in 2011 they would be on tour travelling the U.S. through the month of June 2011.

Brad is currently doing some solo work of his own. His band Braddigan debuted their first album Watchfires in 2005. Their second album The Captive was released in 2007. He also has his own label, Third Surfer Music.

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