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Casey Cooper
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  • Band/Affiliation: YouTube Artist
  • Country: United States

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Casey Cooper, or “COOP3RDRUMM3R,” as he is more commonly known by on the popular video streaming site YouTube, was born in Arlington, Texas, but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he attends Georgia State University and plays drum set for the GSU Marching and Basketball Athletic Bands. 

Cooper first picked up a pair of sticks at the age of 6 and got his first Pearl kit at 8. He has played for and currently fills in for a number of Atlanta area bands spanning many genres, but recently found his talent and love for producing and recording videos for the worldwide audience of drummers, musicians and other viewers on YouTube. In May of 2011 he started uploading drum covers, live performances, original songs, lessons and other drumming and music related videos to YouTube under the channel name of COOP3RDRUMM3R. In less than 2 years with a lot of hard work, dedication and a passion for entertaining, inspiring and teaching others, he built a YouTube channel that is now the most viewed and subscribed YouTube drumming channel per day in the world and continues to grow at an astounding rate. With over 2.5 million monthly views and always growing, Cooper’s channel reaches drummers and musicians from every country in the world as he aspires to create videos to entertain and reach out to every musical style and taste. 

Cooper enjoys playing a wide variety of music and believes that the most important part of playing drums or any other instrument is enjoying yourself and having fun playing and creating music. His playing style and his videos are all very high energy and filled with showmanship and passion. He aims to entertain, inspire and share his love for the drums and music with everyone who watches his videos and hopefully inspire them to pick up an instrument and enjoy playing as well. 

Cooper has always loved and played Zildjian at every chance possible and considers his purchase of first complete matching set of cymbals (A customs) to be one of the best purchases of his life. He’s always been impressed by how beautiful Zildjian cymbals look and sound, so be sure to visit his YouTube channel and check out his cymbals in action!

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