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Chris Culos
Chris Culos
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: O.A.R.
  • Country: United States

"My earliest memory ever is playing drums in the basement. My dad was a drummer and I loved to watch him play. He taught me the basics as soon as I could pick up a pair of sticks. I remember sitting in elementary school working out beats in my head and almost subconsciously tapping them out on my lap, or the desk, or my little brothers forehead, you know, whatever was around. I'd rush home from school and jump on my drum set to try out my new ideas all the time."

"When Marc and I were in elementary school, we used to watch Genesis' 'Mama Tour Live' all the time after school. Our favorite part was when Phil Collins would go back and join Chester Thompson for a big drum solo. Man, we watched that part over and over again. It was a very big influence on us early on. Something struck. Then, when we were in junior high, the grunge scene took over. MTV aired Pearl Jam Unplugged and that was it. We taped it and watched it everyday after school. That show, without a doubt, was the biggest inspiration for us to start a band."

"...of a revolution. didn't form for a few years after that but we will always think of Pearl Jam as one of our biggest influences. They are truly one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands of all time."

"If I had one piece of advice for any drummer, I'd say that natural ability can only take you so far. As with anything, it's the practice and the commitment that you are willing to put into it that will determine how far you can take it. Either that, or to not let all those drummer jokes bother you. It's the bass player who sucks."

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