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Jimmy Chamberlin
Jimmy Chaimberlin
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Skysaw / Complex / Smashing Pumpkins / Zwan
  • Birthday: June 10
  • Country: United States
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Jimmy Chamberlin remains one of the most talked about and influential drummers in rock music. A founding member of The Smashing Pumpkins, his powerful, sometimes over the top, yet always tasteful playing has been the driving force behind many of the band's biggest hits. Tunes such as "I am One", "Cherub Rock", "Bullet With Butterfly Wings", Today", "Stand Inside Your Love", are but a few examples of Jimmy's artful playing.

Jimmy's playing can be heard on the following Smashing Pumpkin's albums: "Gish"-1991, "Siamese Dream"-1993, "Pisces of Iscarot"- compilation album featuring B-Sides of many hit singles, "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness"-1995, "Machina/ the machines of God"-2000.

Jimmy's earliest memories of music are listening to his father's Benny Goodman records. He began playing at the age of seven and was formally studying drumming by the age of eight. His father was always very supportive of him as he later played in Drum & Bugle Corps and some Polka bands. Jimmy was playing professionally by the age of eighteen and not much later, joined up with Billy Corgan to form The Smashing Pumpkins. Jimmy's playing epitomizes the work of a master rock/pop song craftsman. In the words of Billy Corgan "He (Jimmy) can really take a weak song and turn it into a great song."

In 2004, Jimmy formed his own band, and will release his first solo CD "Complex" in January 2005, before hitting the road.

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