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Luca Capasso
Zildjian Artist Luca Capasso of Planet Funk
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Planet Funk
  • Country: Italy

Luca was born and raised in Milan, and started playing drums at the age of 10, forming his first bands with friends in a rehearsal room close to his house.

Luca then started to take serious drum lessons at the Accademia di Musica Moderna in Milan, and then with the great drummer and teacher, Enrico Lucchini.

Through the years he developed a very peculiar drumming style, where power and groove are perfectly mixed together with perfect timing and passion. Luca is now one of most versatile and up to date drummers on the Italian scene, thanks also to his experience in many different styles of music like Rock, Funk, Electronic, Rap, Punk, Soul, and many more.

After several tours and studio sessions with bands like File, Octopus, BigFish, Onemic, and Leonardo Manera, since 2011 he's the backbone of the Italian Rock-Electro-Dance-Psychedelic band Planet Funk.

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