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Markus Czenia
Markus Czenia
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: United States

Markus started playing drums in 1982. In those early years he played Big Band scores and cover music. Markus had always been attracted to heavy metal music and in 1993 he got his first major deal with the Trash/Speed Metal Band Rattfink. Three years later he found a love of fusion music and become part of the Fusion-Trio Carport Music. More recently Markus has also played progressive rock with Flaming-Moh and working considerably in the studio.

In 2000 he opened his own Drum School and since 2004 has also taught at Government Music School. In 2006 he got the public acceptance, as a tutor in the special field drums. Markus has played drums on 13 CDs and 2 DVDs.

In 2007 Markus was awarded the 25. German Rock and Pop Award for Best Drummer.

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