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Matt Cameron
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Pearl Jam/Wellwater Conspiracy/Recording Artist
  • Country: United States

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Matt Cameron's ground breaking drumming with Seattle based "Soundgarden" changed the face of rock drumming during the 90's, and helped to make them one of the most successful and influential bands of their genre.

In 1998, Matt joined fellow Seattle pals, "Pearl Jam" and has since become their permanent drummer. He also his own project, "Wellwater Conspiracy."

Since the days of Soundgarden Matt has been relying on Z Customs for the majority of his set up. "I want cymbals that have dynamics and volume that will be heard over screaming guitars and pounding bass. Z Custom Crashes really project, they have awesome tone, and sustain just enough - they're so clean sounding, so crisp."

For the 2006 self-titled Pearl Jam album and tour, Matt has turned to an all A Zildjian set up for a classic cymbal sound to complement the new songs.

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