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Sertorio Calado
Sertorio Calado
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: Portugal

Sertorio is a Portuguese drummer, percussionist and producer with over 20 years experience of working with Jazz Orchestras, rock bands, pop bands and traditional national music to more recently being the house drummer on the hugely popular TV chat shows in Portugual, broadcasting to thousands of viewers.

Sertorio also plays percussion with the Air Force Army Band, since joining them in 1983.

Sertorio says:

"I have played drums since I can remember existing and since then, I have played Zildjian cymbals. For me Zildjian cymbals are the best sound you can ever get by far and also a big part of music history, for 385 years, and with a big future ahead with so much good work, innovation and creativity. It is really an honour to be part of the Zildjian family.

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