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Emily Dolan Davies
Emily Davies Dolan
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: The Hours / Independent
  • Country: United Kingdom

What does the shyest, quietest, timid 11 year old girl decide to do with her life???

Pick up some sticks and make a racket hitting things of course!!!

It all started in a drum club in Emily's school where she discovered this wonderful inspiration to make music, and also met one of the most important and influential people in her life, Cherisse Ofosu-Osei. Together, they decided to give a beating to the male dominated world of drumming using their feminine charm and one hell of a backbeat!

9 years later, she's still playing strong with an endless amount of gigs under her belt, taking her right across the world, and playing a multitude of different styles ranging from Pop, to Rock, to Afro-Punk and everything in between! She has had lots of TV experience playing with the likes of Roisin Murphy (Moloko), Robyn, and fronting her own mini series for the BBC. She has competed in, and won various talent shows and regional drumming competitions. Performed as part of percussive stage shows and drummed as part of the pit band in musicals. She has also recorded with artists for Universal Records, as well as various original bands over the years. After finishing her drumming grades with honours at 15, she has been teaching privately and in schools, as well as taking drum lessons from Mike Dolbear. She also has performed in drum clinics supporting drummers such as the world renowned Thomas Lang. And then of course there's the odd gig in the middle of an ice rink!

She is now working with The Hours, who she has just come off tour with, and is currently in the studio with them recording their second album with producer Flood (U2, Nine Inch Nails, PJ Harvey). She is also working with new RnB/Dance artist, Filly doing promotion for her debut album.

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