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Jean Dolabella
Jean Dollabella
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Indireto
  • Country: Brazil

Drummer since the age of 10, JEAN DOLABELLA has gained a reputation as versatile, sensitive and important musician in the national and international music scene. 

The former drummer for SEPULTURA, DOLABELLA has also performed with major artists such as MILTON NASCIMENTO, ANA CAROLINA, LENINE, MIKE PATTON, PITTY, SCARCEUS, FLAVIO VENTURINI, JAIR RODRIGUES, among others. 

His first band, UDORA (former DIESEL) toured the US and Brazil heavily, standing out in the independent music scene. In 2001 the band played in the main stage at Rock in Rio 3 alongside bands like RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, consolidating their success. 

In 2006 JEAN DOLABELLA joined SEPULTURA. It was also at Rock in Rio, the forth edition of the Festival in 2011, that DOLABELLA shared the stage with the French percussion group TAMBOUR DU BRONX and MIKE PATTON.

JEAN DOLABELLA graduated from the Los Angeles Music Academy in 2004. At LAMA he studied with Michael Shapiro, Ralph Humphrey, Joe Porcaro, Dave Beyer and other big names. Still in Los Angeles he played and recorded with various artists, including KILE RIABKO in an album produced by MATT WALLACE (Faith No More and Maroon 5). The album included performances by GREG BISSONETTE and MICHAEL BLAND (PRINCE). While still with UDORA, he also worked with the producer THOM RUSSO (Audioslave, System of a Down and Michael Jackson) and shared the stage with JERRY CANTRELL (Alice in Chains).

DOLABELLA has been involved in many activities outside his high-profile life as a member of metal bands.

In 2007 recorded with ANA CAROLINA two tracks on the record “Dois Quartos”, produced by NILO ROMERO and DUNGA. Also in 2007 he recorded Hubris, solo album by ANDREAS KISSER (Sepultura).

For the project Rockefellas in 2008, DOLABELLA joined three other musicians of national and international success, PAUL DI’ANNO (Iron Maiden), CANISSO (Raimundos) and MARCAO (Charlie Brown Jr.) in a classic rock tour in Brazil and Latin America.

That same year he recorded "A-LEX", his first album with SEPULTURA. In 2011, JEAN DOLABELLA recorded his latest album with the band, KAIROS, produced by ROY Z (Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson). KAIROS was considered the best SEPULTURA album after Roots. KAIROS was the number one hit in rock radio stations across U.S. for weeks and has made to the top 100 Billboard.

Currently JEAN DOLABELLA has been producing and recording several music projects and soundtracks for domestic and international movies in his studio in Sao Paulo, where he accommodates his schedule between a number of private lessons and workshops.

Among his projects is INDIRETO, an instrumental project where he performs and produces along with guitarist Augusto Nogueira from Belo Horizonte.

INDIRETO’s first EP was released in October 2008. The EP was featured at the same month's edition of Modern Drummer magazine, in which JEAN DOLABELLA writes a column. 

Also in October INDIRETO debuts in Sao Paulo at the "Zildjian Day 2008" sharing the stage with GABRIEL AZAMBUJA, GIBA FAVERY and DENNIS CHAMBERS. INDIRETO’s first full length album was released in 2010. The song CALICE, featuring PITTY on the vocals, was the theme song for the tv show “Amor E Revolução" on SBT Channel in Brazil. Special guest MILTON NASCIMENTO performed on the track DOO-Z. In addition, the song PLAY FII from the same album was included in the soundtrack for the film “Assaulto Ao Banco Central” directed by Marcos Paulo.

Watch Indireto:

Indireto - T.Mac from Family Mob Studios on Vimeo.

Maybe "Experimentalism" is one of the best words to describe the intense but not linear sound of Indireto, the project which was created by the guitarist Augusto Nogueira (Scarceus) and the drummer Jean Dolabella (Ex-Sepultura) in 2006. In order to avoid the traditional "instrumental", Jean and Augusto intend to set free from musical style rules and make a sound which mixture both their own different influences and the technique they acquired in their rich professional journeys. The result is something that is worth listening both for the quality of the sound and the originality of the compositions, full of improvisations and interesting mixtures.

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