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Marco Da Costa
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Domingão do Faustão
  • Country: Brazil

Marco Da Costa is considered to be one of the greatest Brazilian drum players. He began his drum classes at 8 years old at the “Conservatório Musical José Mauricio”, in São Bernardo do Campo City. There he has also studied piano and erudite percussion.

His playing style was influenced by musicians such as Omar Hakim, Hermeto Pascoal, Herbie Hancok, Tony Williams, Egberto Gismonti, and many others.

Over the years, he played and recorded with important musicians such as Bocato, César Camargo Mariano, Itamar Assumpção , Paulo Lepetit, Daniela Mercury, Ivete Sangalo, Vânia Abreu, Roberta Miranda, RPM, Toquinho, Sandro Albert, Jimmy Haslip, Russel Ferrante, Luis Conte, Rita Lee, Maria Rita Mariano, Pedro Mariano, Jorge Estrada, Jussara Silveira, Elza Soares, Paula Lima, Vanessa da Mata, Leonardo, Zezé di Camargo e Luciano, Edson e Hudson, Fafá de Belém, Patrícia Marx, Bruno E., Zabomba, Renato Neto, Hermeto Pascoal, Jamelão, Miltinho, Tomate, Jay Vaquer, and many others.

Marco has also been on tour in Portugal, England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Scotland, Canada and Mexico, with artists such as Roberta Miranda, Itamar Assumpção, Maria Rita Mariano, Fafá de Belém, and Bocato, with whom he performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1999. He has also toured in Angola where he spent time researching the “semba” rhythm.

In 2003, he co-produced Maria Rita Mariano’s album, and received a Latin Grammy for the best “MPB Album” in 2003. Marco also produced the debut album of Patricia Talem (NuGroove/Points South), which was recorded in L.A., with Sandro Albert and the Yellowjackets’ Russell Ferrante and Jimmy Haslip.

Currently, Marco is working on “Domingão do Faustão”, the TV show with the largest audience in Brazilian television.

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