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Toby Dundas
Toby Dundas
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: The Temper Trap
  • Country: Australia

Toby began playing drums at age 10, but it was not love at first sound and not until he hit his late teens that a passion for drumming developed. Taking influence from hip hop and drum and bass, as much as rock, his style has developed outside of the realms of traditional technique and would be described by a generous person as "different" and by purists as "a little bit wrong."

Having formed the Temper Trap in 2004 with Dougy Mandagi, he continued to develop, crossing many genres and drawing from new wave to minimal electronica, fusing acoustic drums, samples and loops to create a strong rhythmic backbone for the band.

After 5 years gigging solid in Australia, the band recorded their debut album Conditions with renowned UK producer Jim Abbiss and decamped to London to begin a heavy schedule of touring that has seen them play festivals like Reading/Leeds, Glastonbury and Japan's Summersonic.

It's early days for the Temper Trap but Toby is proud to join the Zildjian family and also hopes to be a good drummer some day.

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