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Bobby Elliott
Bobby Elliot
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: The Hollies
  • Country: United Kingdom

Born near Burnley in the North of England, Bobby soon discovered Gene Krupa and Joe Morello.

Around 1960 he became the resident drummer at the local jazz club backing various guest soloists including saxophonists Harold McNair, Joe Temperly, and Don Rendell. Bob also played in The Dolphins rock band with fellow Hollie Tony Hicks.

He was last in the queue when he auditioned for his first pro job in London. Also in line was Keith Moon and other names of the future - but Bobby got the gig.

In 1963 he joined The Hollies who throughout the 1960s and 1970s had more chart hits than any other British group including The Beatles.

Ever since those early pioneering days of Pop The Hollies have always been a working band and now at the start of another British tour, EMI are releasing their new studio album: Staying Power ..... and so another new chapter unfolds in the incredible history of The Hollies and Bobby Elliott.

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