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Neill Ettridge
Neil Ettridge
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: Mango Groove / Independent
  • Country: South Africa

Neill Ettridge is regarded as one of South Africa's most influential

Based in Johannesburg, his work profile covers every corner of the
SA Music Industry; as house band member for the popular Idols TV
series 1-6 and drummer for SA's most iconic band, Mango Groove, to
record and live dates with many of the country's most prolific artists as
well as numerous Orchestral, Corporate, TV and Radio commercial

Neill has also undertaken many international tours to Germany, Italy,
France, USA, Australia and New Zealand with the likes of the Soweto
String Quartet, top SA/USA vocalist, Joseph Clarke, The JHB Male
Voice Choir and Mango Groove.

Most recently, Neill has established the very successful line of
DrumLab training studios across Johannesburg aimed at aspirant &
current professional drum students, many of whom have already gone
on to make respected names for themselves in the music industry.

On Zildjian cymbals Neill says “I’ve been playing Zildjian since day one.
I don’t know of any other brand of cymbal that matches the
timbre, texture, musicality and all-round total brilliance of each
individual design and build.”

Cymbals Set-Up:

Zildjian: Set 1 - K-Custom Hybrid:
13” Hi Hats
17” Crash
19” Crash
20” Ride
9” Splash
15” Trash Crash

Zildjian: Set 2 - A Zildjian
13” A Mastersound Hi Hats
16” Medium Thin Crash
18” Medium Thin Crash
19” Beautiful Baby Ride
21” Ride
10” Splash
15” Trash Crash

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