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Norikazu Ejiri
Norikazu Ejiri
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent / Ken music corp / Rhythm Education laboratory
  • Country: Japan

Norikazu "Ken" Ejiri was born in Tokyo, Shinjuku on November 11, 1956.

Ken began playing drums at the age of 15. After years of drumming he studied at Nihon University college of art, music department, percussion instrument specialty and studied the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music percussion department special course. He studied under Mr. Takeshi Inomata with a jazz drum and participated in Jazz percussion group Separation.

His career spans over 30 years as an all-around drummer & percussionist mainly on live and recording as the session work with various artist, author and teacher. Ken is currently researching drum and rhythm training method at the Rhythm Education laboratory which he established in 1980 and also teaching Showa College of Music drum department.

Ken published Rudiments Drum VTR (Ritto music), The Drum Rudiments CD, and large number of software and a theory book, the text and have many fans in this field.

In 1994, Ken formed the percussion ensemble, Set on Fire, with the marching percussion and Zildjian cymbals. In 2008, Ken got started by a jazz project to assume free improvisation.

He is active as the drummer who had extemporariness of the jazz and symphonic sensitivity.

Zildjian... It's my best partner and mysterious of the eternity. I love Zildjian cymbals!!

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