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Tony Escapa
Tony Escapa
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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: United States

Tony Escapa born in Puerto Rico and is one of today's most in demand drummers. He has had the pleasure of working with artist recognized all over the world in many different musical styles thanks to his drum expertise and natural sense of music. His father a professional pianist/Keyboardist for over 30 years (and counting!) passed on knowledge that has been the basis of Tony's success as a professional musician.

At age 9 Tony started guitar lessons, but those where short lived as he found his true passion on a drum set that was in the same studio as the lessons. Tony quickly sat on the drums and began to play with no initial training. His father astounded preceded to purchase Tony a practice pad, some sticks and said: "In order to get a drum set, you have to make sure that you will take drumming seriously." Tony had to learn rudiments and practice for at least two hours a day to prove himself worthy of a drum set. His father however, did not really know was he was getting into only since Tony would practice not for two but from four to eight hours a day.

Tony moved to Orlando, Florida at age 14 after being denied a chance to attend Puerto Rico's "Escuela Libre De Musicá" but in Orlando Tony joined Lake Howell High School's Marching, Classical and Jazz programs while also playing locally with his father and many of the local musicians including Nestor Torres, Giovanni Hidalgo and many more. After High School, Tony returns home (PR) and indulges himself in the rich musical scene Puerto Rico offered at the time and after a few years Tony "accidentally" enrolled in a program called Berklee in Puerto Rico, and later received a full scholarship to attend Berklee College Of Music.

Tony Escapa attended Berklee College Of Music from 2000 to 2003 and soon after moved to New York. He has performed or recorded with greats such as Claudia Acuuna, Miguel Zenon, Simon Shaheen, Dave Murray, David Sanchez, Jason Lindner, Yosvanny Terry, Oz Noy, Caribbean Jazz Project, Leo Blanco, Paoli Mejias, Yerba Buena, Cucu Diamantes, Franco De Vita, PUYA, Dave Valentin, Al Dimeola and many more. In 2005 Tony Escapa started touring with Pop super star Ricky Martin and has performed on every TV show from Oprah to Letterman, 2 Latin Grammy awards in 2006 and 2007, and also performed on the 2007 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. It is also important to mention that Tony was part of the Jazz Ambasadors program in 2001 with Miguel Zenon's Rhythm Collective and traveled to Central and Western Africa in an incredible evolution of Americas relation to Africa through Latin Jazz.

Tony has quickly become one of today's most interesting drummers and like one of his mentors said one time, "Tony's gift is not only his ability to play music but his ability to make the rest of the ensemble sound great as a whole (Jamey Haddad)". These words have been part of his approach to music ever since.

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