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Alexandre Frazao
Alexandre Frazao
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: Portugal

Born in Rio de Janeiro, but living in Lisbon, Portugal since 1987, Alexandre Frazao is a very requested drummer because of his ability to adapt to different contexts.

With a very elastic conception of rhythm and texture, he studied with Alan Dawson, Kenny Washington and Max Roach. Invited to play and record even by the big pop/rock names in Portugal, like Rui Veloso and Pedro Abrunhosa, we can find him either in traditional/world music sitiuations with Rao Kyao, Julio Pereira, Camane, Cristina Branco, or in free improvised/experimental ones with Nuno Rebelo, Pedro Carneiro.

He has played onn more than 70 records!

Fudamental in his musical life is the jazz side, playing and recording with great autority with artists such as: Maria Joao, Mario Laginha, Bernardo Sassetti, Perico Sambeat, sax great Von Freeman, and his own "bizarre" trio TGB (tuba,guitar and drums) that remind us of the brassy sounds of New Orleans applying the cubist conceptions of jazz proposed by Thelonious Monk and Eric Dolphy. With this group he intends to turn real his many ideas about jazz in 21st century.

You can find some of his work in:

In 2008 Alex will be very busy as a member of Maria Joao quintet supporting the new CD called "JOAO." He will also be with Mario Laginha trio playing in many festivals around Europe.

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