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Laura Fares
Laura Fares
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: Sam Sparro
  • Country: United Kingdom

Laura Fares moved to the U.K. in 1999 from Buenos Aires, Argentina and graduated from the London College of Music & Media in 2005, where she studied with some of the best drummers in the industry, including Pete Cater, Paul Elliott, and Bosco de Oliveira.

Laura's extensive experience as a drummer has taken her on tour around the world, playing, writing and recording with different artists such as Sam Sparro, Ricky Martin, Eros Ramazzotti, Guy Chambers, Pete Bennett (Winner Big Brother 7), Jont, The Future Shape Of Sound, NY Loose, Disco Damage, David Lowe's Dreamcatcher, Gary Phelan (Fame Academy), New York Loose and Hadar.

Also a Writer and Producer (published by Oval Music since 2005) she has been inspired by the New Wave of music, electronic beats and brakes and since 2002 has been writing and producing for her own side project Disco Damage in her studio in North London.

Currently touring around the world with Sam Sparro, Laura had to choose the most clear and powerful sounds for her set and decided to use the following Zildjian Cymbals: 13" A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats, 11" Oriental Trash Splash, 15" and 18" A Custom Crashes, 20" K Ride and 20" Z Custom China.

Laura says "Playing for such an amazing and talented artist as Sam Sparro and getting Zildjian's full support have made this year the most exciting ever!".

Laura will be playing with Sam Sparro at all the major festivals this summer including Glastonbury, Bestival, Global Gathering, V-Festival and Ibiza Rocks amongst others.

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