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Ryo Fujisaki
Ryo Fujisaki
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: Japan

Ryo Fujisaki started playing drums when he was 14. His professional drumming career began at age 16. He has been working as a session drummer for various Pop/ Rock artists in Japan. (e.g. Ami Shiba, BURNING BRAIN WASH BAND-PHOENIX, Cherry Boys Great, Yokohama Gimbae SHOW & TAKU, Welsh BluesCP). Now he is touring, recording and performing with many rock artists in Japan.

When asked why do you like Zildjian and what is your favorite cymbal Ryo Fujisaki said...

"My favorite cymbals are A-Custom series, K-Custom series and Platinum series (discontinued item).

I especially love brilliant finished cymbals!

Zildjian is excellent and brilliant sounding as well as good looking... I am proud to be a Zildjian artist. I have always played Zildjian cymbals and I always wear Zildjian's BASICS apparel line! Zildjian is my life. Zildjian is the best!! Cymbals are Zildjian. That's it!!!"

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