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Stan Frazier
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Sugar Ray
  • Country: United States

In late 1994, Sugar Ray broke out of the Orange County scene with their debut release "Lemonade and Brownies". The former paralegal turned pop music/T.V. star Stan Frazier co-founded the band with singer Mark McGrath and bassist Murphy Karges. In the summer of 2004, Stan and his bandmates enjoyed starring roles in a reality based TV. show revolving around the band and eight contestants who worked as tour assistant/apprentices in an effort to win a job with Sugar Ray's label Atlantic Records.

In addition to his duties with Sugar Ray, Stan wrote songs for Ashlee Simpson's record "Autobiography", produced a song for the movie "Raising Helen" and produced The Dirty Heads record "Any Port in a Storm".

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