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Tony Fagenson
Zildjian Artist Tony Fagenson
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Eve 6
  • Country: United States

Although Tony “TEF” Fagenson is most well-known as the drummer of the multi-platinum rock band Eve 6, his career goes well beyond the drum set. Fagenson has accumulated a number of songwriting and production credits as well, including hits for such recording artists as Puddle of Mudd (Geffen/Universal) and Emily Osment (Wind-Up Records) of Hannah Montana. "I started messing around with a four-track tape recorder around the same year I started playing drums, so both skill-sets were nurtured simultaneously. Drumming has given me a great foundation in the basic concepts of rhythm, pocket, and groove, all of which I use as a producer every day. I've always thought of myself as a drummer that exists to serve the song first and foremost."

Since the band's debut in 1998, Eve 6 has sold in excess of three-million albums in North America. Their platinum-selling self-titled album brought the band to stardom, and a vibrant studio and stage career was born. The band's three albums have spawned a number of top singles, including #1 smash "Inside Out," "Think Twice," "Promise," "Leech," and the radio/MTV mega-anthem "Here's to the Night," which continues to serve as the theme for many high school graduations and proms to this day. After a brief disbandment in which the members pursued various other projects, Eve 6 reformed in early 2008, and spent much of the following two years on the road reconnecting with the fan base and playing to crowds wildly enthusiastic about their return. They are currently recording material for a long-awaited fourth album slated for 2011 release.

"Playing live affords me the chance to let loose and run on pure emotion, whereas in the studio it's a much more methodical, intellectual process. That’s the great thing about the drums and music in general: the balance between the head and the heart. I love my A Custom Projection Crashes for really laying into, and I use a K top and Quick Beat bottom for my hats, which gives me the right blend of clarity and depth. I've only ever played Zildjian cymbals - there's nothing better."

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