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Zac Farro
Zac Farro
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Paramore
  • Country: United States

When Zac was 9 years old he became interested in drums from a program at school called "Bach to Rock." A guest of the teacher brought in a shiny red drum kit and he asked the class if anyone wanted to try it out. He was the only one who raised a hand to go up and play so they showed me a beat and he played it. That night, he went home and set up the typical pots and pans drum set and then later moved up in life to a bean bag and pillow. He played those for a while until, on his 11th birthday, he got his first drum set. The second he set it up, Josh (his brother and lead guitar player for Paramore) and Zac started playing together and they formed their first band ever - The Josh and Zac Duo that consisted of guitar and drums only. One day, Zac met Hayley at school and she told him she sang. At the time Josh and Zac were looking for a lead singer to complete their awesome band and when she came and tried out we loved her. The first song they wrote as a band was "Conspiracy" which became track 8 on their record. They've been touring as Paramore ever since and have never had more fun!

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