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Alain Gozzo
Alain Gozzo
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Music Academy School of Nancy
  • Country: France

Alain Gozzo was born in Metz, east of France, on April 14th 1955. After four years of saxophone studies at the National Conservatory, he began to learn drums at 13. After playing with many local bands and orchestras, in 1972 he formed a progressive band named Atoll with which he went on to record many singles and five successful albums. For ten years, Atoll were a major progressive rock band in France, as well as in different European countries and Japan.

In 1982, when the group stopped, Alain started recording sessions and tours with several top French singers. At the same time, he also began to do clinics for the Tama drum company, and established the first network of drum schools in France – the Tama drum schools – which today has more then 50 schools in France.

During his carrier, Alain also spent ten years in charge of all the the pedagogy in the French drum magazine "Batteur". He produced his top selling video "Profession Batteur", and recorded albums with his own band Gozzozoo. He also played and recorded with international artists like John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia), Steve Vaï, Stuart Hamm or Tony Mc Alpine, and made tours in duo with drummers like Billy Cobham or Bill Bruford.

Today, Alain is still deeply involved in clinics and pedagogy specially with his Tama schools network, and also holds the chair at Music Academy School of Nancy, the no 1 french school for teaching modern music.

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