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Carlos Gamon
Carlos Gamon
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: El Canto del Loco
  • Country: Spain

Carlos Gamón has for more than a decade placed with the most important Spanish bands and toured all over Europe and Latin America.

Born in Teruel in Spain, Carlos has, since his early childhood years, been drawn to music. As a 25 year old he moved to live in Madrid where he started to play with the group Amaral, one of the most popular and most selling pop bands in Spain. Since then, he has been recoding and playing with the full spectre of recognized artists in Spain.

In 2008, Carlos joined the group El Canto del Loco which is considered being the most important pop/rock band in Spain at the moment. El Canto del Loco has sold millions of albums and toured both Spain and the International high scale scenes.

Since 1999, Carlos has used Zildjan cymbals.

Carlos says: "I use Zildjian cymbals K Zildjian series and K custom series because they give exactly the sound that I want."

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