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Eraz Ginat
Ezra Ginat
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Paulina Rubio
  • Country: United States

An Israeli native, Erez Ginat embarked on his journey to reach the world through his rhythmic talents at 21 years old. He traveled to Los Angeles, CA in 1999 and achieved success as a founding member of the Wil Seabrook band (Later to be Six Foot Halo), which was signed by Maverick Records. They toured nationwide opening for such acts as; The Dave Matthews Band, Chris Isaak, John Mellencamp, Billy Idol and many more. They've performed on MTV, VH1 and at many festivals worldwide.

Erez has expanded his resume and experience working with such acts as Tamia for the network UPN. He's toured worldwide with Native American artist Joy Harjo and nationwide with Persian artists Muhammad and Habibi. Erez was also chosen to perform in one of Elton John's music videos. In his studio, Erez has performed and engineered for "Port Authority" on Inner Dream Records, two full CD's for Kelly Clarkson guitarist Danny Weissfeld, as well as music for Activision Games' Spiderman III to name a few. He produced a Noah Pharan (Israeli Artist) remix of the number one hit, "Don't Mess With Me" with fellow producer Danny Manor, and together launched L.A.'s underground electronic smash success Adrenaline. Erez also worked as musical director for such artist's as; Natalia Lesz (EMI Poland) and Brig Feltus (Neo Rock). Erez is also a facilitator for the TRAP program lead by Eddie Tudury.

In the past couple of years, Erez found himself drumming as part of the "Dignity World Tour" for Hillary Duff and Miranda Cosgrove (ICarly - Nickelodeon) live touring band. Erez feels blessed to be a part of his current gig, Latin artist, Paulia Rubio, as they tour around the world.

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