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Josh Garza
Josh Garza
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: The Secret Machines / Electric Flower
  • Country: United States

Josh Garza, drummer in the New York City-based propulsive trio Secret Machines follows a performance schedule that would seem overwhelming to most musicians. By the time they began working on their second album titled Ten Silver Drops, the band members had been touring for more than 18 months straight in support of their debut album in 2004. Secret Machines have been preparing for their moment to shine in the musical spotlight since their formation in Dallas in 2000. Garza and the Curtis brothers served their musical apprenticeships in lesser-known experimental rock bands, but they knew they were destined for greater things.

Garza's latest project, Electric Flower, a part motorik, part psychedellic duo, features Garza's booming beats alongside the electrifying guitar and obscure lyrical themes, of Imaad Wasif. Their debut EP is set to release on Narnack Records in the Fall of 2011.

Garza's current kit includes an A 24" Medium Ride, a 24" K Light Ride, and A 15" Rock Hi Hats.

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