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Mike Gaspar
Mike Gaspar
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  • Band/Affiliation: Moonspell
  • Country: Portugal

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Mike Gaspar was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Portugues immigrants.

As a child, he would often bang on just about anything he got his hands on,he just loved to make noise. His first playing experience was in his schools marching band where he played snare drum. That didn't stop him from rocking out at home to his hard rock metal favorites.

At the age of twelve his parents decided to move back to their country of origin and he began playing for a few underground metal bands.He continued this until at sixteen he joined Moonspell.

Mike has recorded nine albums with the band, been on dozens of tours and festivals nationally as well as internationally, and has gained a reputation for being a powerful and experienced drummer.

From the first to its last second, Moonspell's ninth album Night Eternal is as thrilling as a fascinating film. Images appear before the mind's eye that transport the listener into the scenery of a medieval fair. Magicians entertain with mirages, tricksters perform their follies, while dark figures disappear with sharp daggers clenched into dark alleys and the fiery eyes of mysterious beauties sparkle behind veiled sedan chairs. Each song is like a trade booth beckoning with the fragrance of exotic spices or sweet, bitter as well as hot delicacies, that have arrived in proud caravels to this rich and splendid city.

Lisbon, a city of morbid melancholy. Lisbon, a city of voluptuous joys of the senses. Lisbon, the home of Moonspell. Like no other band on this planet the Portuguese translate the sadness and despair as well as the enterprising spirit and the raving passion of their countrymen from the ancient town on the river Tejo into the language of heavy metal. It is of no consequence whether that genre is called gothic or dark metal. Moonspell were among the founders and foremost protagonists of that style during the nineties. Albums like Wolfheart (1995) or Irreligious (1996) have secured the southerners a place in the hearts if their adherents as well as brought them to the top of a movement, which has lifted the chains that were laid onto those protagonists by their origins from the darkness and fierceness of black metal. Moonspell have crossed those boundaries by coupling the fire within their souls with poetic emotionality, a gentle touch of the erotic as well as a distinct melancholic mood. The eternal unrest, which has been passed down in the bloodlines of their exploring ancestors led the Portuguese towards musical quests, that have not always been greeted with the sympathy of every one of their followers. Yet like the sailors in the olden days of glory Moonspell have always returned to their native port. The Antidote placed a first exclamation mark in the year 2003. While this gem has been overlooked by many a connoisseur of intoxicating tonal art, their next effort "Memorial" hit right on target three years later. This masterpiece was not only received with open arms in their native land. There it gained Moonspell a number one chart position and a golden disc as well as knighting them as best Portuguese band at the MTV Europe Music Award. Abroad critics and fans were equally enthused, which among other praise awarded Memorial the title of Album of the Month in Metal Hammer Germany and their first ever show at the prolific Wacken Open Air.

Night Eternal will follow up on this success. Moonspell have by no means rested on their laurels, but dared another step into a new dimension. While they have chose their old friend Waldemar Sorychta, who has always warranted for an acclaimed album, for the pre-production in Lisbon, the actual recording and mixing took place in the renowned Antfarm Studio of top-producer Tue Madsen. The powerful, yet transparent and organic sound justifies that decision by any means. At the same time it is not the Portuguese's first excursion to Aarhus.

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