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Pat Gesualdo
Pat Gesualdo
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: DAD (Drums and Disabilities)
  • Country: United States

Award Winning Drum Virtuoso/Author/Clinician Pat Gesualdo single handedly re-defined the music industry and education professions. From recording and performing with major artists, record company executives, managers, and music publishers, to working with top celebrities, sports stars, and politicians, in helping disabled children throughout the world fight disabilities with his non-profit organization DAD (Drums and Disabilities).

Pat has performed and recorded for various Columbia, Warner Brothers, Atlantic, RCA, and Paramount Pictures artists and special projects. He made Drumming History with his celebrated Drum Therapy® Research study, which shows how drumming helps the special needs population manage/alleviate symptoms of disabilities. Pat is an artist/clinician for Pro Mark Drumsticks and Zildjian Cymbals, and performs and in drum clinics and music industry seminars throughout the world.

With the help of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Gesualdo launched his non-profit organization DAD (Drums and Disabilities), as a special education pilot curriculum, in several New York City schools and communities. DAD is certified as teacher training program by the State Department of Education, and is now featured in numerous school systems and communities throughout the world. Pat also trains Psychologists, Teachers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Drummers throughout the world in his DAD Program. Various Celebrities, Sports Stars, Politicians, and Major Corporations have joined forces with Pat to help children fight disabilities throughout the world. Some include Senator Anthony Bucco, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, State of New Jersey Department of Education, the Morris County Park Police, Sony Music, Live Nation, the Star Ledge, the WWE Superstars, The NJ Devils, the NY Giants, Pepsi-Cola, The NJ Nets, Hasbro Toys, Zildjian Cymbals, and Pro Mark Drumsticks among others.

Pat holds a certificate of music education, and was nominated to Who's Who in America, Two Thousand Notable American Men, Men of Achievement, and as an associate voting member for the Grammy Awards. He has also written various Special Education and Arts platforms for the Governor of New Jersey. His columns and research have been featured in numerous magazines and Journals. He is also the Drum Therapy columnist for Modern

Pat has been featured in major media outlets including, WABC, the New York Post, CNN, Parents Magazine, Fox Television Network, the Star Ledger, the Herald News, MTV, USA Today, the Daily Record, VH-1, Milan TV, the Neighbor News, the News Tribune, the WOR Radio Network, the Bergen Record, Wayne Today, Drum Magazine, DrumHead Magazine, Modern Drummer Magazine, NEA Teacher's magazine, and Clear Channel Radio Networks among other major media.

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