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Roberto Gualdi
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: PFM / Vecchioni / XFactor
  • Country: Italy

Roberto is one of the most popular drummers in Italy. His credits include top Italian artists such as Lucio Dalla, Nek, Piero PellllÃ, Enzo Jannacci, Roberto Vecchioni and Dolcenera to name a few. In 1998 Roberto started working with P.F.M, the most reknown progressive rock band in Italy.

Roberto also takes time out to teach in one of Italy's premier drum schools C.P.M, and regularly contributes to Italian Drummers magazine "Drum Club."

He's also a busy clinician, with his personal programmes "Rock Drumming" and "The Working Drummer" and together with one of the most important italian jazz drummer, Stefano Bagnoli, with the drum duo called "Il Diavolo & L'Acqua Santa" (The Devil & The Holy Water)

In addition to this he's very active in Rock Metal scene collaborating with Dario Mollo, VooDoo Hill (Glenn Hughes), The Cage (Tony Martin), Electrik Zoo (Graham Bonnet) and his own new project, NoiZe Machine.

During 2008, Roberto was involved in Xfactor - Italian Edition both recording tracks for the show and finalist's album. He's also been recording the first album of his new power band NoiZe Machine and recording and touring with amazing Italian singer and pianist, Dolcenera.You can see him (and 40,000 people) here at Ancona Stadium.

In 2010 Roberto continued his collaboration with Dolcenera, Paolo Jannacci and Zelig Orchestra and Xfactor Italian Edition, Il Diavolo & L’Acqua Santa, NoiZe Machine e Four Tiles.He also w onthe readers’ poll as “Best Drummer of 2010” from InSound Magazine.

In 2011 and 2012 Roberto was part of Roberto Vecchioni tour, PFM tour as well as the XFactor and the Zelig TV Show."

"I'm a Zildjian's guy since 1996 and for me they are simply The Cymbals!"

His Current Cymbal Set-Up includes:
10”  ZXT Trashformer + 6” Zil-Bell
8” ZXT Trashformer + 6” Zil-Bell
14” K Zildjian HiHats + 6” Zil-Bell
16” A Custom Rezo Crash
18” A Custom Rezo Crash
13” K Custom Hybrid HiHats
16” A Custom Crash  + 14” ZXT Trashformer
20” K Dry Ride

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