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Trilok Gurtu
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent / World Music Innovator
  • Country: India

In 2004, World Percussion virtuoso Trilok Gurtu toured with his new band The Trilok Gurtu Band in support of the release "Broken Rhythms". The album, which features special guests including Tuvan throat singers, has received critical acclaim worldwide. As you might expect this new recording is another ground-breaking, genre shattering, heady musical melange that defies all attempts to categorize it.

Trilok is in spectacular form combining world pop music, rock and funk, with both traditional and ethnic instrumentation to create what can only be described as "Trilok Gurtu Music."

Says Trilok; "India's timeless musical tradition is based on rhythms, pulses, beats and sense of time that are part of my heritage. Musical heritage is also of the utmost importance to Zildjian. In their cymbals, I hear knowledge and craftsmanship."

Trilok plays a wide array of Zildjian cymbals and special effects including Zil-Bels and Earth Plates. He also uses a variety of Zildjian Mallets and his own Zildjian Trilok Gurtu Artist Series Drumsticks.

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