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Aaron Habicht
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: Faster Gun
  • Birthday: June 19
  • Country: Canada

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada Aaron began his pursuit of drumming at an early age. Like most drummers if you ask Aaron's parents, I'm sure they'll mention how at a very young age he was banging on pots, pans and just about anything else he could. At about age 9 Aaron was working on his rudiments in a concert, marching band. That didn't last very long but it stoked the fire to keep playing. Shortly after that Aaron received his first drum set and formed a band with a few friends. He was hooked!

Through his teens he played with a few local acts and finally settled into a local country band. That band released a song to radio and then transformed into Faster Gun. Aaron's been blessed with recording 3 albums with the band and has been a longtime endorser of Pearl drums and Zildjian cymbals and sticks.

Currently, Aaron is still performing with Faster Gun, but has also expanded his playing to include some up and coming artists such as Jess Moskaluke, Kal Hourd and Chris Henderson. "I love the fact that I've had about 20 years experience in this business, and can help mentor some of these up and coming artists, all while enjoying the thrill of performing with them live!" says Aaron.

If you ask Aaron to describe his style the answer very simply is "solid." Aaron is a "frontman" tied to a drum throne and it's that attitude and energy that makes Aaron a solid, high energy performer!

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