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Ben Harclerode
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Whitechapel
  • Country: United States

“I've always had a musical background. My parents started me on piano when I was 5 and onto cello when I was 9. All I ever wanted to do was play rock and metal on guitar and after begging my parents for years, they got me a guitar when I was 12. 

Drums came into the picture when I was 17 because I couldn't ever find a drummer that really had it and wasn't a flake. So I sat down on some drums and fell in love. Then I saved up some money, bought a kit and hit it hard for a couple years. 

It all started with Vinnie Paul, Danny Carey and old classic rock drummers like Stewart Copeland, John Bonham and Neil Peart and a bunch of punk rock drummers. Around when I turned 21, the switch to metal happened and then a couple years later I landed my first touring gig with Knights of the Abyss who was on Ferret/Warner at the time. I toured for about a year with them, wrote a record with them, practiced my tail off and made a handful of contacts, one of which led me to Whitechapel.

I had heard from a friend that Whitechapel was looking for a new permanent drummer. I sent them a couple tryout videos and much to my surprise, they were very impressed and flew me from Arizona to Tennessee to try out.  A month later I was on tour with the band and now, almost 4 years and 2 albums later, I'm still here.” – Ben Harclerode

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