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Christian Hirth
Christian Hirth
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Birthday: February 19
  • Country: Chile

Since Christian was 13 years old his interest in percussion began, exploring objects that at that time were available for him, like paraffin plastic containers and cymbals made out of tin cans, creating his own percussion set. This interest kept on growing and drove him to study drums for 7 years.

At 19 he enters Universidad Católica of Chile Music Institute to study Superior Performer with Mention in Percussion, where he studies theory, analysis, musical history, and diverse instruments such as marimba, vibes, timpani.

During this forming period he participated in workshops and concerts with percussionists Ney Rosauro, Gary Cook, Bernard Wulff and Mark Ford.

During this time he teaches drums and percussion, creating and releasing his own methods for this purposes. His first publication was "Independence in 7/8" (2002) and then "Tremoling" (2003). During 2007 he publishes "Progressive Rhythmic" volumes I, II, III.

He then finished college and as a member of Universidad Católica Percussion Ensemble, performs in many concerts and records the second CD of this group.

As a composer, he creates works for percussion ensembles such as "Cuatro y Siete" (2002), "La Danza de las Hormigas" (2005) and "Nahuelhuapi" (2007).

Moving toward jazz allows him to participate in a trio called "Jacarandá". Recording in 2002 their first CD Farellones, a fusion Latin-American music and jazz.

In 2003 Christian became part of MediaBanda, and releases their first CD Entre la Inseguridad y el Ego, and performs in many concerts and tours through Chile. Four years later the group released a double CD Dinero y Terminación Nerviosa and this leads them to a nine country European tour. During these years he was also a part of the experimental music group Yonhosago.

He's currently exploring experimental music in duo format with his "Code" group.

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