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De'Mar Hamilton
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  • Band/Affiliation: Plain White T's
  • Birthday: April 15
  • Country: United States

De'Mar Hamilton is the 24 year old drummer for the Chicago based pop-rock band The Plain White T's. He started playing drums in church when he was young and moved on to a punk band in high school with the help of a friend. After playing in several bands, he eventually found his way to The Plain White T's. Nominated for two Grammy Awards and having played stages on Warped Tour and Lalapalooza, De'Mar still enjoys playing for his hometown audience. "I only get knots in my stomach when I play in Chicago," he says. When asked about what he thinks of holding down the back beat in the back of the band, De'Mar replied: "I've always been a drummer and in the background. Keeping the band going...It's probab;y one of the most important instruments in a band." When talking about longevity in the music industry De'Mar feels the answer is simple: "I think that's one thing that you've got to continue to do is write songs that are from your heart."

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