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Donavan Hepburn
Donavan Hepburn
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  • Band/Affiliation: Take That / Cheryl Cole
  • Country: United Kingdom

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Whether it's laying down a soulful groove in a studio, bringing a clinic to a euphoric climax or rocking a packed arena, Donavan Hepburn will dazzle at every opportunity. As the embodiment of the consummate all-rounder, he also numbers programming, producing and teaching as other talents that keep the phone ringing.

Hepburn is a native of Saltley, Birmingham. He cut his musical teeth in church and, like many of the great gospel players before him, soon took the wider musical scene by storm. Call it soul power or divine intervention, but since landing his first professional gig with US R'n'B sensations Dawkins and Dawkins in April 1999, he's been in constant demand.

His CV is as long as it is varied. From the perky pop of Blue to the trip hop of Day One; from the funky soul of Mica Paris to LSK's big dance beats; Donavan has laid it down with the skill and virtuosity of a master craftsman. Donavan crosses genres with ease and switches skills like changing hats, yet he fulfills every duty with the professionalism he's renowned for. Two things, however, stand out over and above everything else: his ability and, most importantly, his love of music.

Donavan's raison d'etre is pure and simple: "to encourage people to live their dream, whatever it is". As a programmer, producer, drummer and teacher, he's also helped people realise their dreams. The future, as they say, is bright, but few shine as brightly as Donavan's.

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